Busy Last Week of Regular Season

by Administrator on October 21, 2018

Monday:  JV off, Varsity – Captains Call.  Senior Dinner will be at 6:30pm at the Elmer’s.

Tuesday:  JV bus will depart Glendale at 3:30pm for a 5:00pm kickoff v Willard.  Varsity will train at 5:00pm.

Wednesday:  Varsity only game at Hillcrest grass field with a 4:00pm kick off.

Thursday:  JV will kick off for their last match of the 2018 campaign v Nixa, at 5:00pm in the stadium followed by the Varsity game.

Friday:  tba

Saturday: Falstaff Pancake Breakfast!  8:00-10:00am.

Glendale will host the District Tournament with opening rounds on Monday, October 29.


JV Wins All Three

by Administrator on October 17, 2018

Congrats to Coach Cardoza and the boys for winning the JV tourney.

W 4-0 v Nixa.  Jackson with the game winner, Jesus 1G, Chapo 1G, AAron 1G, Little Bobbo 2A’s, DRob Jr. 1A & Cayd 1A.

W 3-2 (pk’s) v OZ.  Coop & Ethan with G, Jesus & Cayd with A’s.  Converting:  Little Bobbo, Jesus, Cayd & Chapo.

W 2-1 in Championship v RepMO.  Chapo with the game winner & 1A, Little Bobbo 1G & Cayd 1A.

Tournament Schedule


Falcons Over Vikings

by Administrator on October 17, 2018

JV W 8-0 v Parkview.

Cayd with the Hat +1/1A, Chapo 2G/3A, Jesus 1G/1A, HenryD 1G, Little Bobbo 1A, Jackson 1A & AAron 1A.

Varsity W 5-0.  Maximus gets the game winner and adds his name to the record books, RyLo 1G, Haid 1G/2A, DrewB 1G/1A, Peyt 1G/1A, RyFeen 1A, Where’s Guillot? 1A & Pen15 1A.

Thursday:  Both teams off.

Media:  O-Zone Power Rankings



Falcons Over Pirates

by Administrator on October 16, 2018

JV W 5-0 v Branson.

AAron with the game winner & 1A, Jesus 1G/1A, Chapo 1G/1A, JKelly 1G, Cayd 1G, Little Bobbo 1A & CFowl 1A.

Varsity W 4-2.  Maximus with the Brace & 1A, “Where’s Guillot?” with the Game Winner, GrantC 1G/1A & RyFeen 1A.


Week Ahead

by Coach on October 14, 2018

Monday:  JV C will play Ozark.  Bus will depart at 3:45pm with a 5:00pm kick off in OZ on the grass field behind stadium.

Tuesday:  Players will be dismissed at 2:00pm with bus departure set for 2:45pm.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm v Branson, followed by the Varsity.

Wednesday:  Home match v Parkview,  JV will kick off at 5:00pn, followed by the Varsity match.

Thursday:  tba

Friday:  Bus will depart Glendale at 5:00pm for the JV tournament in Republic.  Boys open up v Nixa with a 6:30pm whistle.

Saturday:   There will be no bus on Saturday and kick off times will depend on Friday outcome.

Tournament Schedule


Seniors 2018

by Coach on October 12, 2018

Varsity L 0-2 v Vianney.








Falcons Over Yellowjackets

by Coach on October 10, 2018

JV W 6-0 v Lebanon.   AAron with the game winner +1, Chapo 2G, Petey 1G, Charlie Boy 1G, Cam 2A, Sam 1A, Cayd 1A , JLong 1A & Super Mario 1A.

Varsity W 3-1.  RyFeen with the Brace, Peyt 1G, Zaner 1A, Maximus 1A & Spencey 1A.

Media:  Laclede Record