JV Wins All Three

by Administrator on October 17, 2018

Congrats to Coach Cardoza and the boys for winning the JV tourney.

W 4-0 v Nixa.  Jackson with the game winner, Jesus 1G, Chapo 1G, AAron 1G, Little Bobbo 2A’s, DRob Jr. 1A & Cayd 1A.

W 3-2 (pk’s) v OZ.  Coop & Ethan with G, Jesus & Cayd with A’s.  Converting:  Little Bobbo, Jesus, Cayd & Chapo.

W 2-1 in Championship v RepMO.  Chapo with the game winner & 1A, Little Bobbo 1G & Cayd 1A.

Tournament Schedule


Falcons Over Vikings

by Administrator on October 17, 2018

JV W 8-0 v Parkview.

Cayd with the Hat +1/1A, Chapo 2G/3A, Jesus 1G/1A, HenryD 1G, Little Bobbo 1A, Jackson 1A & AAron 1A.

Varsity W 5-0.  Maximus gets the game winner and adds his name to the record books, RyLo 1G, Haid 1G/2A, DrewB 1G/1A, Peyt 1G/1A, RyFeen 1A, Where’s Guillot? 1A & Pen15 1A.

Thursday:  Both teams off.

Media:  O-Zone Power Rankings



Falcons Over Pirates

by Administrator on October 16, 2018

JV W 5-0 v Branson.

AAron with the game winner & 1A, Jesus 1G/1A, Chapo 1G/1A, JKelly 1G, Cayd 1G, Little Bobbo 1A & CFowl 1A.

Varsity W 4-2.  Maximus with the Brace & 1A, “Where’s Guillot?” with the Game Winner, GrantC 1G/1A & RyFeen 1A.


Week Ahead

by Coach on October 14, 2018

Monday:  JV C will play Ozark.  Bus will depart at 3:45pm with a 5:00pm kick off in OZ on the grass field behind stadium.

Tuesday:  Players will be dismissed at 2:00pm with bus departure set for 2:45pm.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm v Branson, followed by the Varsity.

Wednesday:  Home match v Parkview,  JV will kick off at 5:00pn, followed by the Varsity match.

Thursday:  tba

Friday:  Bus will depart Glendale at 5:00pm for the JV tournament in Republic.  Boys open up v Nixa with a 6:30pm whistle.

Saturday:   There will be no bus on Saturday and kick off times will depend on Friday outcome.

Tournament Schedule


Seniors 2018

by Coach on October 12, 2018

Varsity L 0-2 v Vianney.








Falcons Over Yellowjackets

by Coach on October 10, 2018

JV W 6-0 v Lebanon.   AAron with the game winner +1, Chapo 2G, Petey 1G, Charlie Boy 1G, Cam 2A, Sam 1A, Cayd 1A , JLong 1A & Super Mario 1A.

Varsity W 3-1.  RyFeen with the Brace, Peyt 1G, Zaner 1A, Maximus 1A & Spencey 1A.

Media:  Laclede Record





Seniors Week

by Coach on October 7, 2018

Monday: Both teams off.
Tuesday: JV will train in the stadium at 5:00pm, Varsity will have a captains run after school.
Wednesday: Both teams will train in the stadium at 5:00pm.
Thursday: Players will be dismissed at 1:45pm with bus departure set for 2:30pm. Varsity will play first at 4:30pm v Lebanon followed by a half of a JV game.   Games will be played at Jacket Field right next to Boswell Elementary.

Saturday:  Time to celebrate our SENIORS!  Celebration will begin at 9:45am followed by the 11:00am kickoff v Vianney.