Falcons Split With Eagles

by Administrator on November 1, 2019

JV W 4-0 to finish their 2019 campaign 18-1-1.  Congratulations to Coach Cardoza and the boys on a great season.

Match Stats:  Coop with the Brace, Drei & Mas 1G, Eth & Linc 2A’s.

Varsity L 2-3.  Grant David & KLow with G’s, Payton & Biak with A’s.


Falcons Take Both

by Coach on October 31, 2019

JV W 5-0  v Central.  Drei with the Brace/2A’s, Linc 1G/1A, Gui 1G, Cars 1G, EWebb & Luis with A’s.

Varsity W 8-0 v Parkview to capture their 16th Ozark Conference Championship.  Jesus with the game winner +1G, Payt 1G/2A, Grant David 1G/2A, Chapo 1G, Spencey with The Hat & KLow with an A.

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Today:  Bus will depart the Dale at 3:30pm with a 5:00pm whistle v Nixa followed by the Varsity match.


Week Ahead

by Administrator on October 27, 2019

Monday:  JV off; Captains Call for Varsity.

Tuesday:  Both teams will train in the stadium at 5:00pm followed by a Team Dinner.

Wednesday:  JV will kickoff at 5:00pm v Central followed by the Varsity match v Parkview at JFK stadium.

Thursday:  Bus will depart Glendale at 3:30pm for a 5:00pm JV whistle v Nixa followed by the Varsity game.

Friday:  tba

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Junior Varsity Tournament

by Administrator on October 25, 2019

W 3-0 v Nixa.  Drei 1G/2A, Cole & Linc with G’s, Luis with an A.

W 2-1 (pk’s) v Oz.  Drei with the G in regulation assisted by Cole.  Converting:  Eth, Drei, Carson, Linc, Luis, EWebb & Petey.

L 1-2 (pk’s) v poo.  Drei from Coop.  Converting:  Cole, Linc, Luis, EWebb, Drei & Eth.


Falcons v Vikings Update

by Coach on October 23, 2019

The match v Parkview has been rescheduled for Wednesday October 30 at JFK stadium.

JV will play Central JV at 5:00pm followed by the Varsity match v Parkview.


JV Gets The Snowman

by Administrator on October 22, 2019

Junior Varity W 8-0.

Match Stats:  Drei with the Hat/1A, Coop with the Brace/1A, Petey 1G, EWebb 1G, Cole 1G, Luis 3A’s, Linc 2A’s & Eth 1A.  Just and the D with the Egg.

Today:  Both teams will train in the stadium at 5:00pm.


Busy Week Ahead

by Coach on October 20, 2019

Monday:  JV will depart The G at 3:00pm for Fair Grove.  Whistle at 4:30pm; Varsity is off.

Tuesday:  Training for both teams in the stadium at 5:00pm.

Wednesday:  JV off; Varsity at 5:00pm.

Thursday:  JV will kick off at 5:00pm v Parkview followed by the Varsity match in JFK stadium.

Friday:  JV will kick off at 3:30pm v Nixa in the opening round of the JV Tourney.  All games will be played in pooville.

Saturday:  JV Tourney

Saturday:  Varsity will participate in the Top Soccer Program at Lake Country from 12:30-2:30pm.