by Administrator on November 10, 2018

The Boys win Glendale’s 6th State Quarterfinal game with a 6-2 Victory over Neosho and are headed to The Lou for the Final Four.

Stats:  RyFeen with the game winner +1/1A, RyLo 1G, Grant 1G/3A, Maximus the Great 1 G/2A’s, Ant 1G & JDix 1A.

Media:  “I saw an opportunity early and I took it”   Glendale Advances   Joplin Globe   Soccer STL


Saturdays Are For The Quarterfinals

by Administrator on November 9, 2018

Bus will depart Glendale at 10:15am for the State Quarterfinals.

Kick off is set for 1:00pm v Neosho.   Game will be played at  Neosho High School.

Media:   Joplin Globe


Falcons Advance

by Administrator on November 7, 2018

Boys win Glendale’s 14th Sectional Championship with a 2-0 Win over Rolla.  Falcons advance to play Neosho in the State Quarterfinals.

Stats:  RyFeen with the Brace & Grant David with both A’s.

Media:  O-Zone      Rolla Daily       Soccer STL        O-Zone Pics      Rolla Pics


Super Tuesday

by Coach on November 6, 2018

Glendale will host Rolla in State Sectional Play.  Kick off is set for 6:00pm.



by Coach on November 1, 2018

The Boys Win Glendale’s 22 District Title posting a 7-0 final score  v West Plains.

Stats:  RyFeen with the game winner/1A, RyLo with the Brace/1A, Maximus with the Brace, JDix 1G/1A, Peyt 1G, Andy 1A, Hacky Sack 1A, DrewB 1A & Grant David 1A.

Media:  Glendale Explodes    O-Zone Pics     O-Zone Video    Soccer STL    Zizzers Fall

Friday:  4:30pm in the stadium. W-W-W.

Sunday: Boys will attend the 9:00am service at Hill City Church and then we will eat brunch at the Springfield Brewing Company.  Families are invited to attend with boys as we make this our annual its a family thing.

Glendale will host Rolla Tuesday at 6:00pm in State Sectionals.


Falcons Advance

by Coach on October 29, 2018

Varsity W 10-0 v Lebanon to advance to the District Championship Match.

Media:  Charlie Spinelli

Finals will be played Wednesday at 6:00pm.

Match stats:  Maximus with the game winner + a Hat/1A, Haid 1G/1A, Charlie Boy opens his Glendale account with a Brace, RyLo 1G, Grant 1G/2A and puts his name in the record books, Zaner 1G/1A, Ant 1A, DrewB 1A, Peyt 1A & Nik 1A.

Tuesday training at 5:00pm.  W-R-W.


Bonus Rounds Start Monday

by Coach on October 27, 2018

Glendale will host the Class 3 District 10  MSHSAA State Playoffs.

Monday at 5:00pm Varsity will play Lebanon in the stadium.