Bob Jordan Award

This page is dedicated to the memory of our friend Bob Jordan.  Bob passed away in December of 2011, but his legacy throughout the Pershing and Glendale programs will never be forgotten.  In 2000, Bob agreed to assist with the Pershing Middle School soccer team and coach the JV.  His success led to a 6 year run as head coach where his teams won 5 Varsity City Championships (3 boys/2 girls).  Coaching was his gift and he strove to make certain that players both enjoyed and learned from their athletic experience.  In 2001 Bob began to administer the Glendale soccer website, a duty he happily continued to perform long after his children left the program.  He was a passionate believer in the benefits of sports, rivalries and traditions and he found great satisfaction in his membership in the local soccer community.  Bob was as big of a fan to the Glendale soccer program as any and did so without asking for anything in return.  His efforts were often done behind the scenes without wanting any recognition.  Without his efforts the program would not be where it is today.  We are a stronger and grateful Falcon Nation thanks to you Bob Jordan!

Bob Jordan

In honor of Bob, we have created the Bob Jordan Award as of 2012.  This award goes to an individual, couple, or family that has consistently help the program without being asked to do so and asking nothing in return (Much like Bob did for so many years).  This is not a competition between parents, rather just a way to keep the memory/legacy of Bob in the Glendale Falcon family.

2012 Recipients
Girls- Kurt & Phyllis Wolfram
Boys- David & Karen Bauer, Rich & Melissa Cooper Garrad

2013 Recipients
Girls- Finch & Kelli Sprouse

2015 Recipients
Girls- Roy & Becky Bright

Boys – Roger & Shelley Lantz

2016 Recipients

Boys – Gwen Thomas

2017 Recipients

Girls – Kurt & Susan Williams

Boys – Chonna Patterson

2018 Recipients

Girls – Michele Hawkins

2022 Recipients

Girls – Tyler Thompson & RaeAnn McDonald

2023 Recipients

Girls – Courtney Heman & Brooke Whisenhunt

Boys – Caroline Butler





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