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Thank You Seniors

by Administrator on November 16, 2020

Thank You Seniors for Wearing The Patch With Pride And A Great 2020 Campaign!

We will celebrate all the kids and their accomplishments on the 30th.

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Saturdays Are For The Boys

by Administrator on November 13, 2020

Glendale will kick off in the State Semifinals v Ft. Zumwalt South at 11:00am.

For family or friends that are unable to attend it will be televised live by Prepcasts for $10.



by Administrator on November 11, 2020

Boys capture their 7th Quarterfinal Victory and are headed to the Final Four.

W 3-1 v Neosho.  Drei with the game winner, Biak & Charlie Boy with Goals, Baldy with 2A’s, Cayd & Jesus with an assist.

Glendale will host Zumie South on Saturday in the State Semifinals with a 2:00pm whistle.

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Quarterfinal Tuesday

by Administrator on November 9, 2020

Players will be dismissed at 2:00pm with bus departure set for 2:45pm.

State Quarterfinals will be played v Neosho at Bob Anderson Stadium with a 6:00pm whistle.  Admission will be $7.00 at the gate, cash only.

To find team rosters and team photos:  Click Here



by Administrator on November 8, 2020

The boys capture their 15th Sectional Title with a 6-0 victory over Lebanon.

Captain AAron with the Brace, Haid 1G/1A, Captain Alex 1G/2A/1deadleg/Biak 1G/1A, Petey 1G, Dilly 2A, Coop 2A, Cayd & Linc with A’s & Drei adds his name to the record books for assist in a season with 2A’s.

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State Quarterfinals will be played on Tuesday v Neosho at Bob Anderson Stadium with a 6:00pm whistle.