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Junior Varsity Tournament

by Coach on October 13, 2017

JV W 4-1 v Republic.  Match stats:  JDeAlba @G/1A, Captain Jack 1G, DrewB 1G/1A, JohnnyE 1A & JDix 1A.

JV W 3-0 v The Catholics.  JDeAlba with the game winner, DrewB 1G/1A, PWebb 1G/1A & JDix 1A.

JV L 0-1 (PK’s) v Nixa.  Converting:  Zanner & JDix

Tourney Schedule


Falcons Over Vilkings

by Coach on October 13, 2017

JV W 5-0. DrewB 2G/1A, Zanner 1G/1A, ABald 1G, PWebb 1G, IJohnson 1A, Tomas 1A & JDeAlba 1A.

Varsity W 3-1. LoMac – game winner, MaMac 1G, Gann 1G & Ryan Feeney in the books.

Media:  Soccer STL      O-Zone


Falcons Over Pirates

by Coach on October 11, 2017

JV W 3-0.  DrewB with the Brace, ABald 1G & Tomas 1A.

Varsity W 4-0.  P-Wrap with the Brace, Dreamy 1G, Kam 1G/1A, RyFeen 1A & Sal 1A.

Today:  Both teams off.

Thursday:  JV will kick off at 5:00pm at JFK stadium v Parkview with Varsity to follow.

Thanks McSaltys Pizza for being our game sponsor and supporting Glendale Soccer! 

Media:  Dan Lucy



Week Ahead

by Coach on October 8, 2017

Monday: Both team off.
Tuesday: Home match v Branson.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm followed by the Varsity.

Wednesday: tba

Thursday:  JV will kick off at 5:00pm v Parkview at Parkview’s JFK stadium.  No bus will be provided, players will be responsible for their own ride.

Friday: JV will kick off at 7:30pm v Republic in pooville for the JV Tourney.


Falcons Over Yellowjackets

by Coach on October 6, 2017

JV W 8-0. PWebb with the Hat +1, Spinelli 1G, DrewB 1G, JohnnyE 1G & Zanner 1G, JDix 3A, TPonce 1A, ABald 1A, Nik 1A & Super Mario 1A.

Varsity W 10-0. RyFeen with the game winner/2A, PWrap with the Hat/1A, Mitchell with the honors page goal, Sal 1G/2A, Carlos Marcos 2G/1A, Presto 1G, Choo Choo 1G, Kam 2A RyLo 1A & Jeremiah 1A.

THANK YOU Glendale Band for the halftime show!

Saturday:  Varsity L 0-1 v Vianney.


Falcons Over Bulldogs

by Coach on October 5, 2017

JV W 5-0. JDeAlba with the Hat, Payton 1G/2A, Captain Jack 1G & DrewB 2A.
Varsity W 2-1 (OT) GFree 1G, Captain Mitch game winner, Choo 1A, RyFeen 1A.

Tonight:  JV will kick off at 5:00pm in the stadium v Lebanon with Varsity to follow.  GHS Band will perform at halftime!

Media:   Rolla Daily


Week Ahead

by Coach on September 30, 2017

Monday & Tuesday:   Varsity will be off.  JV will train after school on grass field.

Wednesday:  Players will be dismissed after 3rd block with bus departing at 1:45pm.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm v Rolla with Varsity to follow.

Thursday:  Home match in the stadium v Lebanon.   JV at 5:00pm; Varsity to follow.

Friday:  tba

Saturday:  Varsity only match v Vianney.  Whistle at 11:00am.