Saturdays Are For The Boys

by Coach on September 6, 2019

Varsity will play Pembroke Hill with an 11:00am whistle in the stadium.






Falcons Fall

by Coach on September 6, 2019

JV D 4-4. Drei with The Brace/1A, Linc 1G, Cars 1G, Luis 2A’s & Zach 1A.
Varsity L 1-2. KLow 1G, GrantC with the A.
Both teams off today.  THANKS to Atlas Security for being our Game Sponsor.

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First Home Game

by Coach on September 5, 2019

Falcons will welcome the Tigers from The Land of OZ.

JV will kick off at 5:00pm in the stadium followed by the Varsity match.

The game will be covered and broadcast by Mediacom 22 (HD 722).  The match will air Friday at 7:00pm, Saturday & Sunday at 4:00pm.  Our game will also be sponsored by Atlas Security.

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Falcons Over Irish

by Coach on September 4, 2019

Junior Varsity opens their 2019 campaign with a Win.
W 2-0. Drei with The Brace, Linc & Prest with A’s.

Both teams will train in the stadium today at 5:00pm.


Week Ahead

by Coach on September 1, 2019

Monday: Varsity off.  JV will train in the stadium at 10:00am.
Tuesday: Varsity will train after school.  JV will kick off their season at 6:00pm in the stadium v Catholic.
Wednesday: Training for both teams at regular times.
Thursday: First home game for both teams v OZ.  JV whistle at 5:00pm followed by the Varsity match.

Friday: tba

Saturday:  Varsity will kick off v Pembroke Hill at 11:00am in the stadium.



The Lou

by Coach on August 29, 2019

L 1-3 v SLUH.  Grant 1G.

L 1-4  v Webster Groves.  Haid 1G.

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