Falcons Over Bulldogs

by Coach on September 23, 2014

JV W 4-0. Choo-Choo 1G, The Italian 1G, Andrew 1G, Markalicious 1G. Clay C. & Batesy 1A.
V W 4-0. Twin Forward 2G, E-Nance 1G, Sophomore Sean 1G. Rosstafa 2A, Bob-bo, Joshie C & Sophomore Sean with an A.
Today: V Captains Call after school. No JV practice.
Tomorrow: Players will be dismissed at 1:15pm with bus departure set for 2:15pm to Waynesville.  Games will be played at the Tigers soccer complex off F highway.  Check directions tap at top of page. 


Busy Week Ahead

by Coach on September 21, 2014

Monday: Ozark conference match v Rolla.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm with V to follow in the stadium.
Tuesday: TBA
Wednesday: Ozark conference match v Waynesville. Players will be dismissed at 1:15pm with bus departure at 2:15pm.
Thursday: TBA
Friday: Varsity to pooville for Chiefs Shoot-Out.  Opening match v Sacred Heart is set for a 7:00pm kick off. 

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Falcons Over Chiefs

by Coach on September 19, 2014

V W 2-1.  Bob-bo & Joshie Call with G’s. Gilly & Sean P. with A’s.



Homecoming Week

by Coach on September 14, 2014

Monday & Tuesday training on LC 10 from 5-6:30pm.  Tuesday pasta party after practice at Bob-bo & Cho-cho’s house.

Wednesday:  JV L 0-1.  

Thursday: V will kick off v poo immediately following the football game in the stadium.

Friday:  Dance the night away.


Falcons Over Eagles

by Coach on September 12, 2014

JV W 8-1. Cho-cho 2G, LoMcDon 2G, Batesy 2G/2A, Petey 1G. Markalicious 3A & Italy with an A.
V W 2-0. Eise Eise Baby 1G, Nueve 1G. Bob-bo & L-Brown with the A’s.

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Falcons Take Two From Lakers

by Coach on September 10, 2014

JV W 4-0. Markalicious 1G, Lo-Mac 1G, Gager 1G, Petey 1G; Batesy 1A, Quag 1A & JaLan 1A.
V W 3-0. Bob-bo with the Hat, E-Nance 2A & Park 1A.
Wednesday:  Training will be at Gdale from 4:30-6:00pm. 
Thursday: Ozark conference match v Joplin in the stadium. JV kick off at 5pm with V to follow.


Week Ahead

by Coach on September 6, 2014

Monday:  Training at LC field 10 5:00-6:30pm.

Tuesday:  Ozark conference match v Camdenton.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm followed by Varsity.  Match will be played at Lake Country Cooper 1.

Wednesday:  Training at Glendale from 4:30-6:30pm.

Thursday: Ozark conference match v Joplin. JV will kick off at 5:00pm in the Glendale stadium.