Congrats Mitch

by Coach on December 4, 2017

Mitch Stephens joins Glendale Alum Devon Newport & Bobby Spence as a Member of the United Soccer Coaches All-Central Region Team.     Mo Soccer Coach



Post Season Honors

by Coach on November 17, 2017

All District

Academic All Conference

All Conference

All Region

All State



Thank You Seniors

by Coach on November 6, 2017

Falcons Fall in the Quarters. Grant C 1G.
Media: O-Zone

Thanks to our Seniors for leaving their mark on our program.  We will celebrate our Seniors and their parents on Wednesday at 6:30pm at the 425 venue (425 West Walnut).


Quarterfinal Saturday

by Coach on November 3, 2017

Boosters will provide food for The Flock starting at 11:30am.

Kick off is set for 1:00pm v The Tigers in the State Quarterfinals.


Falcons Advance

by Coach on November 1, 2017

Glendale wins 1-0 in State play.  Mitch with the game winner, G-Free gets the A.

Media:  Hype video   Soccer STL    Rolla Daily    Bulldogs Run Out of Time

Thursday & Friday:  4:00pm training in the stadium.  G-W-W.  Dinner Friday at G-Free’s.

Saturday:  State Quarterfinals in the stadium v the Republic Tigers.   Whistle at 1:00pm.


Sectional Play

by Coach on October 28, 2017

Sunday:  Boys will attend the 9:30am service at River Bluff followed by brunch at Vespa.

Monday:  Training at 4:00pm.  G-R-R.

Tuesday:  Players will be dismissed at 12:45pm with bus departure set for 1:15pm.  Falcons will kick off at 5:00pm v The Bulldogs in State Sectionals.



by Coach on October 26, 2017

Boys win Glendale’s 21st District Title defeating West Plains 9-0.
Stats: RyLo – Game winner, Jeremiah & Mitch with the Brace, GrantC 1G, Carlos Marcos 1G/1A, Sal 1G/1A, Guillot 1G, Kam 1A, RyFeen 1A, PWebb 1A & JDix 1A.  Congrats to Gage & Kam as they have joined Mitch & Ryan Feeney and will leave their names in the Glendale Honors at the conclusion of 2017 season.

Media:   O-Zone    O-Zone Pics     MSHSAA    Soccer STL

Today:  G-B-W  Training in stadium at 4:30pm.

Friday:  Friday Night Lights!  Come out and support Glendale Football as the play Ozark in the district semis.

Sunday:  Falcons go to church.  As part of our annual post season tradition we will attend a church in the area.  This year we will attend the 9:30am service at River Bluff.  Senior pastor Scott Watson had two sons Timmy & Christopher that played for the Falcons.  All players and families are welcomed.