Chiefs Shootout

by Coach on September 21, 2017

W 4-1 v Monett.  LoMac in the Brace, G-Free 1G/1A, Sal 1G, Kam, Choo, RyFeen, Mitch & GrantC  with an A.

L 0-1 v Jeff City.

W 5-1 v Smith Cotton.   RyLo – game winner, Dreamy 1G, Kam 1G/1A, LoMac 1G & Sal 1G/1A & Maximus 1A.

26th Annual Chiefs Shootout


Falcons Take Two From Tigers

by Coach on September 21, 2017

JV W 5-0  PWebb – game winner + 1, Zanner 1G, JDeAlaba 1G, Petey 1G, Captain Jack 2A, Jake 1A, DrewB 1A & Ethan 1A.

Varsity W 8-0.  Mitchell – game winner/1A, ClayC 2G, GFree 1G, RyFeen 1G, Jeremiah 1G, Grant C 1G/2A, MaMac 1G/1A, Kam 1A, Choo 1A, Andy 1A & Sal 1A.

Media:  KOLR 10

Thanks to Soccer alums Dr.’s Todd & Tyler from Buzbee Dental for being our game sponsor and supporting the team.



Rolla Update

by Coach on September 18, 2017

Today’s match v Rolla has been rescheduled for Wednesday, October 4 due to inclement weather in the area.

Tomorrow:  JV will train after school.




Busy Week Ahead

by Coach on September 17, 2017

Monday: Players will be dismissed at 1:15pm with bus departure set for 1:45pm.  JV will kick off at 5:00pm v Rolla with Varsity to follow.

Tuesday: tba

Wednesday:  JV will kick off at 5:00pm in the stadium v Waynesville with Varsity to follow.

Thursday:  Varsity will kick off at 8:00pm v Monett in the 26th Annual Chiefs Shootout.

Friday:  Varsity will play Jeff City with a 4:00pm kick off.

Saturday: Varsity to play Smith Cotton with a 2:00pm whistle.


Falcons Over Bulldogs

by Coach on September 16, 2017

Varsity W 10-0.

Stats:  Maximus – game winner/2A, G-Free 2G/1A, DrewB 1G, PWebb 1G, Kam 1G, RyFeen 1G/1A, RyLo 1G, Spaniard 1G, Jeremiah 1G/1A, GrantC 2A, Choo 1A & Sal 1A.


Falcons Over Chiefs

by Coach on September 14, 2017

JV W 2-0. Tomas – game winner.  DrewB 1G/1A & Nik 1A.
Varsity W 4-0. Maximus – game winner, Dreamy 1G, Kam 1G, Eise Eise Baby 1G, GrantC 2A & RyFeen 1A.

Media: O-Zone Pics     Mitch saw an opportunity      Soccer STL


Southside Showdown

by Coach on September 13, 2017

JV will kick off at 5:00pm in pooville for the Southside Showdown.   Our programs have great soccer Traditions and we will honor those Traditions with a traveling trophy which will include all the scores of past games.  Please plan to come out and support these great programs.