Falcons Advance

by Coach on May 22, 2019

Girls Advance to their 7th State Quarterfinals with a 5-1 win over Carl Junction.

Stats:  EMill & Mac with The Brace, Martini 1G, Paigey 2A’s & Mace 1A.

Quarterfinal match will kickoff at 1:00pm on Saturday v Union.

Media: O-Zone Pics     Leah Saw An Opportunity And Took It       Soccer STL

Tonight:  We celebrate our seniors and the team with a family dinner, 6:00pm at the 425 Downtown.






Super Tuesday

by Administrator on May 21, 2019

Kickoff is set for 6:00pm v Carl Junction in the Sectional match.  Any changes due to inclement weather will be announced once confirmed.


State Sectionals

by Coach on May 19, 2019

Monday: Training in stadium after school. B-W-W
Tuesday: Glendale will host the Sectional match v Carl Junction with a 6:00pm kick off.



by Administrator on May 17, 2019

Girls Capture their 11th District Title defeating Willard 5-1.

Captain Miller with The Brace/1A, Captain Martini, ChloBear, Paigey & Reesey/2A’s with G, Lo with an A.

Media:  I just saw an opportunity       O-Zone Pics

Today:  Players off.  Glendale will host State Sectionals on Tuesday.  More details will be provided once confirmed.


Falcons Advance

by Coach on May 15, 2019

Varsity W 7-1 v Hillcrest and will play Willard Thursday at 6:00pm for the District Championship.

Captain Miller with The Hat, Ms. Germany 1G/1A, Mack 1G, Hal 1G/1A, Madz 1G, Paigey 2A, Reesey, Martini, Han, Molz & Nat with A’s.

Training today in the stadium after school.  B-B-B.

Media:  O-Zone

Congratulations to Glendale Baseball on their District Title!


Post Season 2019

by Administrator on May 14, 2019

District Tournament  will kickoff at 5:00pm v Hillcrest at Parkviews JFK stadium.


Boys Player & Parent Meeting

by Administrator on May 13, 2019

We will have an important meeting Wednesday, May 15 at 6:00pm in the commons to talk about summer training and the upcoming 2019 Fall Season.