by Coach on November 1, 2018

The Boys Win Glendale’s 22 District Title posting a 7-0 final score  v West Plains.

Stats:  RyFeen with the game winner/1A, RyLo with the Brace/1A, Maximus with the Brace, JDix 1G/1A, Peyt 1G, Andy 1A, Hacky Sack 1A, DrewB 1A & Grant David 1A.

Media:  Glendale Explodes    O-Zone Pics     O-Zone Video    Soccer STL    Zizzers Fall

Friday:  4:30pm in the stadium. W-W-W.

Sunday: Boys will attend the 9:00am service at Hill City Church and then we will eat brunch at the Springfield Brewing Company.  Families are invited to attend with boys as we make this our annual its a family thing.

Glendale will host Rolla Tuesday at 6:00pm in State Sectionals.

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