by Coach on October 26, 2017

Boys win Glendale’s 21st District Title defeating West Plains 9-0.
Stats: RyLo – Game winner, Jeremiah & Mitch with the Brace, GrantC 1G, Carlos Marcos 1G/1A, Sal 1G/1A, Guillot 1G, Kam 1A, RyFeen 1A, PWebb 1A & JDix 1A.  Congrats to Gage & Kam as they have joined Mitch & Ryan Feeney and will leave their names in the Glendale Honors at the conclusion of 2017 season.

Media:   O-Zone    O-Zone Pics     MSHSAA    Soccer STL

Today:  G-B-W  Training in stadium at 4:30pm.

Friday:  Friday Night Lights!  Come out and support Glendale Football as the play Ozark in the district semis.

Sunday:  Falcons go to church.  As part of our annual post season tradition we will attend a church in the area.  This year we will attend the 9:30am service at River Bluff.  Senior pastor Scott Watson had two sons Timmy & Christopher that played for the Falcons.  All players and families are welcomed.



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