Tournament of Champions Wrap-up

by Administrator on April 28, 2007

The Tournament of Champions is complete. St. Thomas Aquinas from Overland Park, KS was crowned the champion and Incarnate Word Academy from St. Louis was the runner-up based on points. Ironically, Incarnate Word defeated St. Thomas Aquinas in overtime in the third session.

Emily Jordan was named to the All-Tournament Team.

Final Standings
St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) 12
Incarnate Word Academy (MO) 11
Ft. Zumwalt West (MO) 11
Bettendorf (IA) 10
St. Teresa’s Academy (MO) 9
St. Joseph’s Academy (MO) 9
Glendale (MO) 7
West Des Moines Valley (IA) 3
Brookfield Central (WI) 1
Horlick (WI) 0

All-Tournament Team
Sr. Emily Voigt – Bettendorf
Sr. Brooke Trettin – Brookfield Central
Sr. Alyssa Mautz – Ft. Zumwalt West
So. Emily Jordan – Springfield Glendale
Jr. Laura Lins – Racine Horlick
Jr. Allie Brazill – Incarnate Word Academy
Jr. Maggie Bowman – St. Joseph’s Academy
Sr. Lauren Fowlkes – St. Teresa’a Academy
Sr. Molly Smith – St. Thomas Aquinas (Tournament MVP)
Jr. Whitney Sharpe – West Des Moines Valley

Session 1 Results
St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) 5, Brookfield Central (WI) 2
Bettendorf (IA) 1, Horlick (WI) 0
Incarnate Word Academy (MO) 4, Glendale (MO) 0
St. Joseph’s Academy (MO) 1, West Des Moines Valley (IA) 0 – 2OT
Ft. Zumwalt West (MO) 3, St. Teresa’s Academy 2 (MO) – 2OT

Session 2 Results
Glendale (MO) 3, Horlick (WI) 2 – OT
Bettendorf (IA) 1, Brookfield Central (WI) 0 – OT
West Des Moines Valley (IA) 2, Incarnate Word Academy (MO) 1 – Shootout
St. Teresa’s Academy (MO) 1, St. Joseph’s Academy (MO) 0 – OT
St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) 4, Ft. Zumwalt West (MO) 1

Session 3 Results
Glendale (MO) 2, Bettendorf (IA) 1 – Shootout
Incarnate Word Academy (MO) 2, St. Thomas Aquinas (KS) 1 – OT
Ft. Zumwalt West (MO) 5, Horlick (WI) 0
St. Joseph’s Academy (MO) 1, Brookfield Central (WI) 0 – Shootout
St. Teresa’s Academy (MO) 4, West Des Moines Valley (IA) 3

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