Next Match: Falcons vs. West Plains Zizzers

by Administrator on September 25, 2006

West Plains ZizzersTomorrow the Falcons (5-0-2) will head east to take on the West Plains Zizzers (11-1-1). The JV will play at 5:00pm with the Varsity match to follow.

Players will be dismissed tomorrow at 1:45pm with bus departure set for 2:00pm.

The Zizzers have moved down to Class 2 this season and are currently ranked tenth in the state. The Zizzers have a new website and will be playing their first home game of the season. Glendale has never lost to West Plains in boys soccer, but don’t get caught thinking ahead to the boys in the yellow shirts.

Finally, since this question gets asked every year: What is a Zizzer?

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